New Works 

Work in Alternative Photographic Processes


January 12—May 26, 2018
Gallery 44 Centre for Contemporary Photography

Sally Ayre, Robert Caspary, David Drake, Heather Fulton, Daniel He, Zile Liepins, Jude Marion, Jihee Min, Gerald Pisarzowski, Janne Reuss, Cat Stambolic, Barbara Staulus, Celina Virani, Elspeth Wood
Curated by Sally Ayre

This exhibition features works by Gallery 44 members whose practices span several historical photographic processes including tintypes, ambrotypes, cyanotypes, photograms and platinum palladium. Many of the artworks here combine old and new photographic processes, connecting the past with the present. In this digital age these works bring to light a different kind of materiality and subtle textural qualities of analogue photography and experimental processes.