I've worked in graphic design, design production, and art direction for 15 years.

After completing a graphic design program at LISAA, Paris, I took a position at international advertising agency DDB. In addition to my official title Graphic Designer I acted as art director, created illustrations, cast and coordinated photoshoots, and wrote for the company's design blog. After moving back to Canada, I worked as a freelance graphic designer from 2011 to 2016. During my two years with Someone Editions, I learned letterpress printing from design to press preparation and printing, and assisted with the business' strategy development and marketing plan. In 2016 I accepted a full-time position at the Textile Museum of Canada, a national museum and contemporary art space with a strong focus on education and community, where I am currently Head of Communications and Design. Parallel to this work, I have collaborated with a number of small creative non-profits and culture festivals.

I am not currently taking freelance work.  

2007–2010 | With DDB:
Statoil (Circle K)
The British Council
2016–2021 | In-house:
Textile Museum of Canada

2006–2016 | Independent:
The City of Toronto
Toronto Summer Music
Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Quattro Books, Toronto
Someone Editions, Toronto
Larry Weinstein Productions, Toronto
Pages Unbound Festival, Toronto

Occupy Conference, Berlin DE
UNESCO Livres d'Afrique Conference, Paris  FR

Transparency Foundation / Atklātības Fonds, Rīga LV
Kaņepes Cultural Centre (KKc), Rīga LV
Jānis Roze Books, Rīga LV
Kino Bize, Rīga LV
Cēsis Koncert Hall, Cēsis LV
Komēta Festival, Bolderāja LV
Zemlika Music Festival, Durbe LV
Rozaa Pedbaseins, Nākotne, LV